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Simply put, high customer retention gives your business the baseline it needs.

Together, we'll analyse your customer base and create an experience that nurtures and supports existing customers at its core and turns them into your biggest advocates.  

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You already know that customers are at the core of what you do.  If you have no customers, you have no business!  And you know that companies fall over themselves in the drive to increase their customer base and pull in new customers.  Almost every day, online, in the papers, on the tv you'll come across company promotions designed to attract new customers.  You've probably got a few yourself.

Extend the life of your customers

But what about your existing customers?  Are they staying with you?  Is the life of your customer just a single transaction or do you keep them with you?  If you are visiting this page, perhaps you have spotted that you are losing customers, or your customers are not as engaged and 'long-haul' as you'd like. 

Creating the engaging-customer experience

There are so many reasons to create a customer experience that keeps your base returning time and time again.

  • It costs less to retain customers than acquire new ones.
  • They provide case studies, testimonials, and provide proof of concept to support your marketing initiatives and acquire new business.
  • Retained customers should be happy customers, which means they will be proactively promoting your business. Who doesn’t like a bit of free marketing?
  • “Highly engaged customers become 52% more valuable to the business.” (Source: Harvard Business Review)



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Working with Calm Blue gave us clarity on which of our ideas for the business align best with what our clients want. We gained new ideas and comfort that we're on the right path.

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