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Let's take a good, honest, and open look at what being customer-centric means to you

To achieve it, you’ll make changes, and before you make those changes you need to know where you will have challenges.  Let's look at your resilience, pinpoint where those challenges will be and find the solutions you need. 

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You want to become customer-centric but you’re not actually sure what you’re customers are thinking. You know you need to improve the customer journey but you’re not sure where the most relevant pain points are. You’re not sure what it takes to actually become customer-centric.

Every business has the ability to be customer-centric and create active ambassadors if they truly care about putting customers first. At the Resilience stage, we take a good, honest, and open look at what being customer-centric means to you, delve into your existing culture to understand how it will need to change, then review your existing resources to see how resilient the business is to take on the challenge.

Your customers are the most important thing to you

Congratulations. You’ve taken a big step towards making your company more than just about sales and profit. You’ve decided to make it about your customers. About people.  Putting customers first and truly being customer-centric requires a considerable amount of resilience from everyone in the business. Why? Because to achieve it, you’re all going to have to make some big changes, particularly to the company culture.

Becoming customer-centric and creating active ambassadors is about company culture, not strategy.

Being customer-centric must be what you’re all about, it’s not the responsibility of one person or department.

So, what does a customer-centric company look like?

  • Collects and proactively measures customer feedback (not Google reviews) and focuses on the negatives.
  • Communicates regularly and effectively with the whole business on the company’s aims and goals for customer centricity.
  • Focuses as much on the employee experience as the customer.
  • Understands the customer journey in intricate detail.
  • Has a close relationship with its core customer profiles.
  • Makes every business decision based on how it will impact/affect/benefit the customer.
  • Recruits people who share the same values. 

Making the move to being a customer-centric company is a big step but it’s one that will benefit your business hugely and you’ll never look back.

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Working with Calm Blue gave us clarity on which of our ideas for the business align best with what our clients want. We gained new ideas and comfort that we're on the right path.

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