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I can't teach empathy.

...If you care about your customers, but struggle to turn that care into practical action that enhances their experience, then we need to have a conversation.    

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About me

We all have bad days. Those days where we need that little bit of extra understanding.  And on those days, we still have to get on with it.  We still have to be a member of our family, a person at work, a customer. 

And here’s the thing.  Other people have bad days too – but there is no guarantee that we’ll spot that.  How do we know that the person being rude to us isn’t going through something that’s seriously affecting how they are dealing with us right now?

The inspiration for Calm Blue Consulting was those bad days. Some time ago I had three negative experiences as a customer on the same day.  Now it wasn’t a bad day at the start, but by the end of it, I was pretty fed up.

A face-to-face encounter with a parking attendant, who shouted at me after miscommunicating where he wanted me to park, a phone call with a large customer service department where I was bounced around without resolution, and an email response to a query that had all the empathy of a stone, left me feeling sour.  And you can bet your shirt on the fact that I didn’t want to deal with any of those companies anymore.  (I’ve never parked at that car park again!) 

I started Calm Blue because I care about people’s mental wellbeing.  Negative customer experience is simply detrimental.  Detrimental to the mental wellbeing of the customer.  Detrimental to the wellbeing of the staff too!  And absolutely detrimental to the success of the company involved. 

And yet, being able to bring all my wealth of experience to help companies perfect their relationships with their customers has nothing but positive benefits.  For a company, customers who become their cheerleaders, for the staff a positive, conflict free environment and for the customers themselves the wish to come back time and time again to a company they know that can trust. 

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Working on a one to one basis and sharing ideas not only allowed me to achieve my objectives, but Calm Blue became an extended resource in such a way that I felt I had virtually placed new and knowledgeable colleagues at my side. 

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